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Let’s first talk about FUT coin and how can you effectively use them in game. Basically, Fifa coins or FUT coins are virtual currency in Fifa 19 through which players can buy players and create their best teams. You all will be wondering that, okay buy coins and just build the team of your teams. But wait it’s not all that simple. There are certain rules and regulations from EA you have to follow in order to buy coins.

EA Rules about Fifa Coins

EA see that as a violation of their rules if you want to send FUT coins to a friend. They consider it a form of coin distribution. Yeah, some of you guys must be saying what kind of rule is this that you can’t share coins to friends. Yes, guys, I can feel you but the rule is the rule you know. It is also considered as a violation if you use the FUT Transfer Market to transfer coins to another player instead of legitimately getting a player item for a fair amount of Coins. Let me explain in simple words for you folks that means you can easily transfer numbers of coins for the player item that’s way higher average coin price of the item for the purpose of distributing coins.

Another thing which EA prohibits you to do is giveaways yes you heard it right, you cannot even giveaway. For instance, a player or site offers you coins in exchange for subscribing. Yes, you can’t even do that. Now the Question arises how you can earn them then.Here are some of the methods you can earn FUT coins

How to Earn FIFA Coins

  1. You can earn by playing matches in Ultimate Team
  2. Also by completing squad building challenges that have coins as part of the reward.
  3. Another way to earn them is by selling items or players for a fair price on the Transfer Market

Our Solution

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This is just a summary of the total topic. If we start to elaborate this. It would take many pages. I have researched a lot on this and I have come to the conclusion that I just shared with you guys. Remember not to trust every website you see on the internet. I’m saying that again and again because I don’t want you guys to lose your money or end up with a banned account. This is it for now.