Get to learn the basics of the CSGO game

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO is a multiplayer shooter game developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. This game is the fourth one in the Counter-Strike franchise. For enjoying the game along with its contents, the players need a legendary CSGO account. Players are advised to find out the list of the legendary CSGO accounts and then buy a legendary Counter-Strike: Global Offensive account at a cheap price. It was released on 21 August 2012 and is made available on OS X, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

In September 2014, the Linux version got released. It has the features of the classic content like the revamped version of a classic map and also the brand new characters, maps, and game modes. This game pits the two teams against one another; the terrorists and also the Counter-Terrorists. Both the sides have the task to eliminate the other team while doing separate objectives. The terrorists according to the game mode should plant a bomb or should defend the hostages. The Counter-Terrorists, on the other hand, should prevent the bomb from being planted, rescue the hostages, or defuse the bomb. There are eight kinds of game modes and each one has a distinct feature particular to that mode.


Among the different games mode, competitive is a classic game mode, which has placed Counter-strike on a map. Two teams with 5 players compete in the best of the 30 matches by using the standard counter-strike rules. The players should purchase weapons, armor, rescue or diffuse the kits, and manage the in-game economy for maximizing their possibilities of success. The first team that wins 16 rounds in a bomb diffuse or in the hostage rescue game actually wins the match. Competitive provides the skill group players that begin with the Silver 1 and progresses to the global Elite.

Professional tips

The professional CSGO teams have come to a place where they have produced videos that are aimed to boost the play of the competitive players. There are many things to learn for a player and to increase the speed of the players; the community of counter- strike has created many resources that are targeted at the new and also the professional players. They have listed out the strategies that can help the players all over the world. For playing this game, you have to buy the cheapest CSGO accounts.