League of Legends: How to become a better player

Do you still doubt to sign up for the new season of the ESL Benelux Championship? Are you a beginner or a veteran? Here you will find at least five tips that everyone can apply! Whether you’ve just started or are a veteran in the business, there are always areas where you can continue to improve yourself as a gamer. Especially if you are competitive and therefore want to win, it is nice to develop yourself as a player. Here are some suggestions and tips that are accessible to everyone and that are meant to turn you into a game professional. In this feature we give tips on how to become a better League of Legends player, but you will see that many of these tips apply to other games as well.


Anyone who has ever played a competitive game as a team may have wondered the following: what is my team doing? There is nothing more annoying than losing a game due to a lack of commitment from the rest of your team. But was that the real problem? One of the biggest mistakes that gamers often make is that they assume that their fellow players see as much as they see and think what they think. This can cause you or your team to go to the opponent alone, while the other decided to retreat. Therefore try to give each other as much information as possible. This does not necessarily have to be in the chat or with a headset, but can also be done by pinging things. Does a hostile support put a ward somewhere that does not like you? Ping it, then good support will see if he can do something about it. Is a Champion who is known for his junglers often thanks for more than a few seconds of lane? Ping it so your jungler can take precautions to turn the tide. Knowledge is power, so the more knowledge you share with your team, the stronger you are in theory. Boosting your game is also recommended and for this, you need eloboost.

Know your role

Most players do not like to be placed in a cubicle. Nevertheless, in League of Legends it is essential that you profile yourself in a game such as support, AD-Carry or jungler. With each role certain responsibilities come into view and as long as everyone fulfills their role well you can focus on the things you have to do. Carries often have enough pressure with last-hitting, so try to give them as much vision as possible so that they do not have to pay attention to unexpected ganks. The better you know your role, the easier it becomes to become more flexible in who does what. If you no longer have support as support and you do not see the need for it, it can happen that you and your carry spawn a single cup before you choose a well-executed gank. However, if you are aware of your task, you can ask your teammates for help or play more carefully in order to avoid the worst.