Playing Games can Heal Minds and Hearts

Illnesses such as hypertension, depression, anxiety, heart problems, asthma, obesity, headaches, diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems have become the order of the day in today’s world. Sounds scary, isn’t it? An increasing number of people has been falling prey to these modern lifestyle diseases. However, equally true is the fact that every lock has a key. As such, there must be some ways to avoid contracting them or getting rid of them. There is something common in all the above-mentioned curses of the contemporary world. What is it?

Root Cause

All these diseases are actual ramifications of stress. In other words, stress is the actual culprit behind them. Excess pressure of work or studies, broken heart or relationships, failure in something significant in life, over-sensitivity or just the inability to cope with the ever-changing fast-paced world, etc. have led to stress becoming an inevitable part of our lives. No two opinions that it takes a heavy toll on our health – physical as well as mental. Eighty percent of diseases are actually directly or indirectly caused by stress. It not only weakens our physical immunity but also makes our mind and heart feel stifled and wither under its tremendous weight.

What Can be Done?

There are umpteen solutions to tackle this menace and heal the mind and the heart. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, philanthropy, spirituality, and last but not the least games and sports are excellent resources for the purpose. All these activities have a wonderful ability to help people deal with the most ubiquitous and pernicious part of life – stress. However, barring games and sports, other activities are somewhat difficult to indulge in and practice in routine.

What Makes Games Special?

As human beings, all of us crave amusement and relaxation. Games are something that can make even the most indifferent and listless people curious and enthusiastic. As a beautiful example, I would like to share with the readers the experience of Dr. Margie Golick, Chief Psychologist, McGill Montreal Children’s Hospital, Canada. Se has worked with children with learning problems for 35 years and has penned a book ‘Reading, Writing, and Rummy’. In this book, she has highlighted how card games such as rummy, solitaires, and magic tricks can make kids with special needs and slow learners interested. She has emphasized on the significance of card games as superb educational tools. When simple card games can heal brains by awakening them out of their slumber and bring a smile on faces, what to talk of other games?

Fit as a Fiddle

Sports and games are great healers. Sports generally involve a lot of physical activity and once you start participating in them, you tend to come out of your drudgery and stress without making conscious efforts to do so. They make you physically active and mentally agile. And why shouldn’t it be? A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. They strengthen your body as also mind and heart. You acquire the spirit of sportsmanship and learn how to deal with various situations in life in a positive manner.

Mind Games

The legendary writer Khushwant Singh used to solve crossword puzzles and he continued to do so till his last. It is no secret that he was mentally super active. He continued to work till he finally departed from the world as a nonagenarian!

Indoor games, video games and online games are an excellent proposition for those of us who get too exhausted to engage in outdoor games or have health issues due to age factor or any other reasons. Choose your game wisely and play it in moderation to reap rich benefits for the mind and the heart.

The genre of modern technology-based games has something for everybody. While children are literally spoilt for a choice, there are other games such as Online Rummy and Candy Crush Saga that have been garnering enormous popularity among the adults as also the elderly. These games are no less than brain gyms that exercise and relax our brain. This rejuvenates and revives our heart too, for – everything is in the mind!

The Gist

It is but natural that when somebody is going through hard times because of hectic lifestyle, unfulfilled aspirations, materialism, dwindling relationships, and cut-throat competition, etc., one’s heart and mind suffer and one tends to become disinterested in just everything. But games are such a magnificent entity that arouse the curious streak of all. And once we engage in a nice game or sport, our suffering mind and depressed heart automatically tend to get relaxed and thus, reinvigorated. Participation in these means of recreation leads to the release of endorphins– the feel-good hormones in our body and prepares us to deal with all sorts of adversities in life with a spirit of sportsmanship. So, go for games and bid adieu to the ailments of mind and heart!