The Future of Rummy Game in India

The future of online rummy and card game players is very bright to say the least. Playing rummy has always been an integral part of the Indian ethos. This game of skill has been popular in post -independent India and now in its online version, it is taking the country by storm. A game played for leisure amongst friends and family, or even by retirees at local clubs is on its way to becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the country. This is owing to several factors amongst which the primary ones are accessibility to professionally run rummy websites and easy to follow rules.

Gaming Start Ups – A Great Growth Story

Gaming and gaming related start-ups are flourishing because they have revolutionised the game and the way it is played. Gamers in India don’t seem to get enough of online games. At present, it is estimated that there are more than 120 million gamers in India and they typically play for half an hour every time they log in. According to industry statistics, approximately 500 million downloads take place on various devices on a monthly basis, of which about a tenth are for rummy games. Companies in this new age industry are focussed on game technology and enhancement of user experience. Innovative marketing and combining this form of entertainment with others like music and movies make a winning combination for reaching out to a widespread audience.

Recognizable Brands

As with any other industry, in its nascent stages, online rummy games lacked a brand identity. With savvy marketing and seven or eight years of gestation period, some strong brands have emerged in the Internet space. The thirteen card game itself has evolved from a basic, almost rudimentary version to a slick and attractive one. Companies are investing a lot into their product and customer service to offer a complete package to players. Of late, several management teams have been working on improving their brand visibility and have been showing progress in making customers aware of the enhancements and benefits that their product offers.

The Best of Both Worlds for Gamers

It is indeed the best time to be a consumer. With so many smart phones and gadgets in the market, users are spoilt for the best display screens. Pocket friendly internet connections with oodles of almost free data allow pool rummy players to enjoy their time at online rummy tables without worrying. What’s more – they have 24 by 7 access to their favourite games. This is quite big actually, because there’s no more waiting for special occasions or for their play group to congregate. Rummy players can join thousands of other enthusiasts from all across the country as per their convenience.

Another reason to make merry is the plethora of promotions and deals that one can avail both while playing mobile rummy or online games. Some of these let players participate in daily tournaments for no entry fee. If the player is skilled, he or she can make a tidy sum by winning cash prizes offered. Even free to play rummy games can be a lot of fun. Gamers can request free chips and play one of the many variants available at most sites. Pool Rummy seems to be the favourite of the three variants. It’s a quick game which tests skills and grit and provides a great adrenaline rush.

What to Expect in the Near Future

Gamers can expect even better technology to come their way soon. We are talking about augmented reality and virtual reality. In fact, this is already happening as we speak. Another major improvement could be the integration of block chain technology or the likes of it. This will make the transactions quicker and completely watertight. Gamers from a wide demography are jumping on to the rummy bandwagon in large numbers and the online rummy gaming industry in India is expected to double itself every three years in the near future. It’s a great time to be a part of the Indian gaming ecosystem because ‘what’s in it for everyone’ is simply mind boggling.