Top 3 Weirdest and Strangest Gambling Bets

There are a lot of people who do betting regularly. In fact, there are so many gamblers across the world. Besides, most of the gamblers are pretty serious about their money and they know their limits. On the other hand, there are certain set of people who can do anything to win in their games. It is very difficult to predict the result in gambling. You might also have seen some advertisements on TV asking you to try betting. There are many people who bet on cricket toss, players, final score and etc.

Have a look below to know about some weirdest or craziest gambling bets.

  • Nuclear Wars: When we speak about nuclear wars the country name which comes into our mind first is North Korea. Are you wondering why we are speaking about nuclear wars here? This is because people also do betting on wars and dictators like Kim-Jong-Un. For example, where is Kim-Jong-Un is planning to visit next? You have to guess the answer to this question and submit your answer online, if you answer is correct then you will win money or rewards.
  • Betting on Death: No doubt that this is one of the weirdest gambling bets. There are some people in Taiwan who generally bet on sick people. Here, you have to predict the life expectancy of the hospitalised individuals. For example if the patient do not last for more than 1 month then the bookie wins all the money. If in case the patients survives for than 2 or 3 months then you may win some good money.

  • Giving their wife: Gamblers who don’t have money to play in worst scenario offer their wife to the opposite player. This is one of the weirdest bets which you should never indulge in. Think how your wife feels about it. Doing this can hurt your wife’s

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